Our water comes from one of the deepest, highest quality aquifers in New Zealand.
It has been protected, underground for at least 1800 years and has undergone 50 years of natural rock filtration to absorb it's immense living energy.

Why choosing drinking Water-in-a-Box:

  • High levels of silica help stimulate collagen manufacture in the body and therefore promote anti-aging, improving your skin's texture and elasticity.

  • The natural alkalinity helps balance the acidity of our modern diets and stressful lives, increasing oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

  • The low level of dissolved solids means our water can help cleanse your body of the toxins.

  • Water in a clever new 10 Litre box with a vacuum sealed bladder.

  • Water is available at the push of a button, with clever tap design. Convenient to stack, store and display.

  • No bottles mean 80% less plastic and less waste!

  • Best to provide refreshing water in home, office, sports events, outdoor activities and disaster relief.

Help us reduce the Carbon Footprint by purchasing WATER IN A BOX?